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At Prosperity we are aware that organisations are facing increased competition to attract and retain quality employees. It takes more than just good working conditions and competitive salaries to attract and keep good people. Salary packaging can be a key component of an effective remuneration and benefits strategy. 

Employees can choose to receive their salary as a combination of cash and benefits. These benefits are either tax free or taxed at concessional rates. This means they reduce their taxable income, allowing them to maximise their tax benefits and essentially save money.
We work closely with our clients to develop strategic and individually tailored salary packaging programs to meet company needs and requirements.
Our core services include:
  • Efficient administration
  • Education workshops
  • Employee communication programs
  • Employee helpdesk
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Payroll functions, including payments and reconciliations
  • Policy development
  • Program structuring
  • Reporting
Salary packaging provides a means for employees to effectively structure their income, by paying for approved benefits from their pre-tax salary.

About Prosperity Salary Packaging

Prosperity Salary Packaging was established in 2001 and is one of the leading providers of salary packaging and vehicle leasing services in Australia. With offices in Sydney, Newcastle and Brisbane and employing over 150 staff, Prosperity has the necessary resources and capacity to service the financial needs of our clients.
Our salary packaging team services the diverse needs of its individual employer clients throughout Australia. Our clients range from public hospitals, aged care facilities, charities, religious organisations, government agencies (local and state), universities, private schools, listed corporations and private businesses.
Our salary packaging team has grown extensively since 2001, to a current team of highly skilled employees. We pride ourselves on the longstanding relationships we develop with our clients and their employees.
In addition to the full range of salary packaging and vehicle leasing services, Prosperity also offers the following services:
  • Independent lending advice
  • Financial planning
  • Taxation
  • Corporate assurance
  • Business advisory 

Our Approach

At Prosperity Salary Packaging we work closely with clients to introduce a suite of benefits, that reduce costs to the organisation and provide genuine after-tax advantages to employees.

The size and culture of our firm means we are best placed to quickly adapt to a clients’ working environment. This means that your staff will not face a ‘quantum leap’ in dealing with a new service provider. The experience of our team in managing change, will ensure we work together to deliver the best outcomes for your employees.

Our approach means you can offer all the benefits of salary packaging to employees, without being bogged down with any of the administration. We undertake a comprehensive assessment of each employee’s financial situation, in relation to salary packaging, including explanations and calculations of the various components of their personalised package.

The integral and key elements to our approach in providing salary packaging services include:

  • Treating each individual as having individual needs
  • Recognising that needs change from year to year
  • Ongoing and timely communication and reporting to participants
  • Use of leading edge information technology to ensure prompt and timely payment of benefits
  • Assistance in communicating the rationale and benefits of the scheme to employees
  • Depth of resource and availability to provide advice and assistance to employees

Our approach to salary packaging includes the development and delivery of a simple communications strategy to ensure ongoing understanding of the fundamentals of packaging for all parties involved.

Benefits to you as an employer

Organisations are realising that salary packaging is a key component of an effective remuneration and benefits strategy. It takes more than just good working conditions and competitive salaries to attract and keep good people.
Prosperity’s salary packaging services offer real advantages to both you and your employees. Our program can assist you to improve morale and attract and retain high quality employees, without increasing costs or burdening administration.
The administration of a salary packaging program in-house can be costly, time consuming and labour intensive for an employer, including cost of compliance, cost of specialised technology and the costs to employ tax (FBT and GST) experts.
Outsourcing reduces the pressure on company resources (HR, finance and payroll), who may currently be spending time managing salary packaging administration, including frequent employee queries and managing the company’s FBT requirements.
In many cases, where salary packaging is being managed in-house, Prosperity is able to increase the number of benefits available to employees, improving the overall value of the program.

Benefits to your employees

Prosperity works closely with clients to introduce a suite of benefits for employees.
The Australian Tax Office (ATO) guidelines offer varying benefits. Depending on your organisation type, employees can receive benefits up to 100% of their total base gross salary.
Benefits can include:
  • Car leasing (novated lease)
  • Personal insurance
  • Superannuation contributions
  • Interest on investment loans
  • Laptop computer (business use)
  • Mobile phone (business use)
  • Briefcase
  • Membership fees or subscriptions
  • A range of in-house benefits (depending on employer) 
Additional benefits:
Depending on your employer type and tax status, employees may package an additional and extended list of benefits, up to the value of $15,899.
These may include:
  • Mortgage/rent payments
  • Personal living expenses
  • Eating out
  • School fees
  • Personal loans
  • Holidays 
Prosperity provides a comprehensive vehicle procurement leasing and management service called Prosperity Smart Drive.
Our service includes:
  • Best price procurement of your new or used vehicle
  • Sourcing competitive finance
  • Administration costs by fuel card programs
  • A full range of insurance products
  • Ongoing monitoring and reporting of costs including payroll deductions