Save Money and Reduce Emissions with QLD Government Rebates for Business Energy-Efficient Equipment

The Queensland Government has introduced a cash-back rebate program, offering substantial incentives to those investing in energy-efficient equipment. Paired with a likely tax incentive from the Federal Government on energy-saving devices, this is a golden opportunity for your business to save big while reducing your business’s carbon footprint.

Queensland Government Energy Saving and Transformation Rebates

The Queensland Business Energy Saving and Transformation (QBEST) Rebate scheme part of the Queensland Government’s Energy and Jobs Plan to transform Queensland’s energy system to deliver clean, reliable, and affordable energy  and helping households and businesses become more energy efficient. The QBEST Rebate Scheme is open to eligible small and medium sized Queensland businesses looking to reduce their energy consumption, lower their energy bills, and contribute to the Queensland Government’s carbon reduction targets.

Eligible businesses can apply for rebates ranging of up to 50% (or $12,500) for the purchase and installation of energy-efficient equipment. Applications for Round 1 rebates opened 5 October 2023 and will close 30 June 2025 (or on exhaustion of allocated funding), with further rounds expected in February and August 2024. Eligible businesses are limited to one rebate, with applications able to contain multiple, eligible energy-efficient equipment. The minimum spend is $8,000 (GST exclusive).

Why should you consider these rebates?

  1. Save on Energy Costs: Investing in energy-efficient equipment not only reduces your energy consumption but also translates into significant savings on your monthly power bills.
  2. Environmental Impact: By opting for energy-efficient appliances, you contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, helping create a greener, cleaner future for Queensland.
  3. Cutting-Edge Equipment: The rebates apply to a wide range of energy-efficient appliances and systems. From LED lighting to solar panels, heat pumps, refrigeration and more, you can upgrade to the latest, high-performance solutions.
  4. Boosting Business Value: Incorporating energy-efficient systems can enhance the value of your property and make it more appealing to potential buyers. Increasing your EBITDAR by $1 will increase your business value, on average, by $3 to $10.

Meeting Energy-Efficiency Standards

To qualify for these rebates strict eligibility criteria must be met in addition to reducing energy consumption and contributing to the Queensland Government’s carbon reduction targets. The full eligibility requirements for businesses and equipment is available on the QBEST Rebates scheme website.

Federal Government Tax Incentives

In addition to the Queensland Government rebates, the Australian Federal Government is currently working to legislate a small business energy incentive (limited to businesses with turnover less than $50M). The tax incentive will offer a 20% tax deduction on spending that supports electrification and more efficient use of energy and apply to assets or upgrades first used or installed ready for use between 1 July 2023 and 30 June 2024. The maximum bonus tax deduction will be $20,000 with eligible total expenditure capped at $100,000 per business.

Key Benefits of Federal Incentives:

  1. Tax Benefits: You may be eligible for tax incentives, allowing you to claim deductions for the purchase of eligible energy-saving equipment.
  2. Rebates and Grants: The federal government offers various rebates and grants to support sustainable practices, making it easier for you to embrace energy efficiency.
  3. Environmental Stewardship: By taking advantage of these incentives, you are playing an active role in safeguarding our environment and contributing to the nation's energy-saving goals.

Embracing energy efficiency with the bonus of the Queensland Government rebate and Federal tax incentives is a win-win for your finances and the environment. Don't miss out on this opportunity to reduce your energy costs, reduce emissions, and secure a more sustainable future. If you have any questions or need assistance in claiming these rebates and incentives, contact Business Services & Taxation Director Steve Gagel at or your Principal Adviser.