Our car finance specialists can help give you more financial freedom by engaging a lender to finance your new or used vehicle. This enables you to keep your funds free for other purposes.

Unlock more financial freedom with a Prosperity Car Loan

Our car finance specialists can help give you more financial freedom by engaging a lender to finance your new or used vehicle.
Prosperity Finance offers you a comprehensive and highly competitive range of expert solutions for your personal or business needs. We do this by accessing some of the lowest car finance rates from our panel of 20+ Australian bank and non-bank lenders.

  • $0 up front and borrow up to 100% of purchase price
  • Monthly, fortnightly or weekly payments to suit all budgets
  • Flexible repayment options
  • A range of terms from 12 to 84 months
  • Financing both new and used products
  • Competitive fixed interest rates and low fee
  • Accessories, on roads and protection products can be included
  • Unparalleled customer support, when you need it
  • Fast individual assessments and approvals 

Car loans for individuals

A secured consumer loan is designed for customers who use a vehicle wholly or predominately for personal use, and for who private ownership is important. As a car is often a substantial purchase, the lower rate of a secured car loan can save you interest, which helps you pay a lower total loan cost. Plus, the interest rate is fixed rather than a variable interest rate – this makes it easier to budget for your repayments, as they always stay the same.

Car and commercial vehicle loans for Business

A Chattel Mortgage is a secured loan that is wholly or predominantly for business use. The financier advances the funds to our customer in order to purchase the vehicle, or other asset, whilst the financier takes a mortgage, or charge over the asset.

The benefits of using a Chattel Mortgage are flexible loan terms, from 12 months to 60 months and with some lenders may have the option to extend this, the option for a balloon payment at the end, fixed payments for the whole term of the finance. There are options to finance the full amount or reduce the borrowed amount through a deposit or trade in, claiming GST upfront which may be good for cash flow and full ownership of the vehicle.

A Chattel Mortgage is not exclusive to GST registered businesses. This loan type can be used for individuals, or non-GST registered entities, as long as the purpose of the vehicle will be used for more than 50% business usage.

We can also arrange

  • Caravan and Camper Trailer Loans
  • Equipment Finance
  • Motorbike Loans
  • Truck Loans
  • Marine Loans

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