You’ve worked hard to grow your highly successful business interests over the years. But now you want to know that all your hard work will support your family in the future. It’s time to think of your family’s wealth management as ‘the family business’, and put the right plans and structures around it to guide its continued growth.

There are four elements to Prosperity Advisers Family Office service:

Our Family Office clients understand that family dynamics, ebbs and flows shouldn’t drive important financial decisions. Our team gets to know the stakeholders, their passions and priorities, and ensures family issues don’t get in the way of smart wealth management.
A Family Wealth Portfolio investments should be planned, structured, protected and managed carefully, like any other business, with professional processes, regular reviews and transparent reporting. This, combined with good governance, allows for solid decision making and swift intervention in areas of concern.
You have built your knowledge through many years in business. Your family may not be as experienced, and need mentoring, education and support as they mature, learn about money, and how to manage assets, debt and risk. We work closely with your family to guide and support them in their journey to experience and independence.
Driving responsibility and accountability can often be the sleeping issue in a family investment business. Wealthy families have no shortage of investment opportunities. In fact, we often act as the ‘inbox’ for all opportunities clamouring for attention. We make sure that each investment decision fits within the family’s investment policy and act as the impartial bellwether in the urgency and excitement of a new investor opportunity. Our focus is always on achieving the right outcome for the family.

Prosperity’s Private Office does more than just wealth management. We provide detailed and diligent management of large and successful family investment businesses, managing risk and building wealth and experience for future generations.

Grow your business

At your fingertips you need a team of investment and transaction managers, business analysts, and financial managers that you can trust to look after your interests. Every family’s needs are different, so we structure an appropriate service to suit your needs for growth, wealth management, family education and advice to give you more peace of mind in retirement.

Take the strategic, measureable, timely steps you need to take to make a big impact on your business.

Build your strategy

The smartest companies have a plan that guides their growth and supports their decision making. Without one, your people lack the understanding of where to drive the business, and cannot see or seize opportunities.

Drive your growth

As experienced business advisers, our Growth team guides your business through the implementation of key tasks, achieving the important milestones and putting in place the change that is critical to your success. We manage 30 day and 90 day implementation plans, working hands on as a part of your team to ensure you achieve results from the plans you set. We hold you accountable, guide you to the right partners, and connect you to the support and investment you need, when you need it.

We work with you and your team to assess acquisitions, divestments, and open doors that will increase your enterprise value. We also support you through an exit from your company’s ownership, or manage the finer details of the succession planning, restructuring, or the startup of a new business. We are your strategic growth partners.

Mentor your team

Our growth advisers are also experienced business mentors, working with key staff in companies of all sizes ($1-$100M turnover) as Board Members, Strategic Coaches, and Advisers on key decisions. We keep ourselves on the cutting edge of business trends, digesting technology changes, Internet forces and business opportunities on a daily basis. We learn constantly so you can access smart thinking locally, in our business advisers.

Family Business Specialists