Is your food and hospitality business ready to survive and thrive?

Now that the roadmap out of lockdown for NSW and Victoria has been announced, as well as the inevitable opening of other state borders, it’s time to make sure your business not only survives but thrives.

While most businesses will have undertaken a full operational review at the start of the pandemic now is the time to undertake a further review. This webinar will focus on thriving through new opportunities.

Join Prosperity Business Services and Taxation Director Colin Samuel and Tax Director Paula Tallon in a free webinar on Tuesday 12 October at 3pm, where they will discuss:

  • Quality sells.....its how you do it that matters
  • Restructuring, asset protection and maximising your after tax income
  • Boosting your most important resource being your staff through retraining and incentivising
  • Maximising efficiencies through benchmarking and other financial modelling to your peers

Restaurant and Catering Association (R&CA) CEO Wes Lambert will also be joining the panel to discuss the latest industry update with the R&CA members.


Colin Samuel
Director of Business Services and Taxation
Prosperity Advisers Group

Director of Taxation Services
Prosperity Advisers Group

Wes Lambert
Chief Executive Officer
Restaurant & Catering Australia

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