Important changes to income protection from 1st October 2021


The insurance industry has changed a lot in Australia over the last 10 years. Competition, increased demand and improvements in medical treatment and diagnosis has led to continual enhancements and upgrades to insurance policies, in particular income protection.  

More features and benefits has lead to more claims, which insurers have needed to recoup by increasing premiums.  In recent times however, increasing claims have outpaced rising premiums and this, together with falling interest rates and rising costs of claims, has seen the life insurance industry continue to incur substantial losses.  

To ensure sustainability of life insurance providers and improve the affordability of income protection cover for policyholders, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has released a range of measures.

What is changing

For income protection policies issued after the 1st October 2021:

  • Claims will be limited to the maximum of the insured monthly benefit or a percentage of pre-disability income, whichever is lower (this change has already been in effect since the 31st March 2020).
  • Income replacement cannot exceed 90% of pre-disability income for the first 6 months of a claim and 70% thereafter.  
  • Assessment of pre-disability income will be capped at the last 12 months for policyholders who have “predominantly stable” income.
For policyholders who have “variable income”, assessment of their pre-disability income will be over a time period appropriate for their occupation.

Implications for policyholders

Existing income protection policies will continue unchanged under their original terms and alterations will continue to be allowed (e.g. increases and decreases).

From the 1st October 2021 policyholders will be unable to replace their cover on like-for-like terms.  Given the new income protection policies are expected to be cheaper and more sustainably priced than the current policies, there could be a cost benefit for changing policies or providers, however care should be taken to ensure the differences in definitions is clearly understood. 

For income protection cover issued after the 1st October 2021, policyholders should regularly review this to ensure the insured benefit remains in line with their earnings, to avoid over-insurance and potentially paying for cover that wouldn’t be eligible in the event of a claim.

Everyone’s situation is unique and policies differ between providers, so it is recommended to seek advice before changing or obtaining insurance cover, particularly income protection. 

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