Happy new FBT year – Salary Packaging update
A new salary packaging year has just begun! What a great time to check in with your online portal and make sure all your details are correct. Did you know that you can access all your salary packaging information by logging on to our website and the entering your log in details in the salary packaging portal? 

Here you can access your information, what you are packaging against and the how much you are salary packaging. You can also use the online forms to update your details such as address, bank account and load expenses. This is a great alternative while we aren’t able to visit on site or while working from home.

Whilst Prosperity site visit are on hold for the time being, we are still here and available just as we were before. For those wanting to contact us we are available by the following options: 

  1. Phone 1300 761 388
  2. Website http://www.prosperityadvisers.com.au/ 
  3. Email  SPackaging@prosperity.com.au 
  4. You can even arrange a phone consultation or Zoom Meeting for both you and your staff

Higher Education Debt review

Don’t forget with the new Salary packaging year commencing from the 1st of April for those that have a Higher Education Debt like HECS or HELP it’s a great time to check in and make sure you are meeting your STSL  (HECS & HELP) obligations by having additional tax deducted through payroll. You can request a review by simply emailing in your two most recent payslips and requesting a Higher Education Debt review.

COVID-19 Stimulus payment

For those working for an Employer that is taking advantage of the Job Keeper Stimulus payment, this will not affect your salary packaging. This payment is paid via your payroll department to supplement the cost of the wages for the company. So, this will not reduce your income nor change the amount that the salary packaging deduction will be per your pay cycle.

New Employee Benefits Card Provider

Prosperity have partnered with a new employee benefits card provider, Community Sector Banking. All clients have been contacted by both Community sector banking and prosperity to commence an application to open a facility. Once this facility is open your employer can then invite, email you to complete an online application or alternatively you can print and complete a manual application. However you will need to post the original to Community sector Banking along with your ID and once your Employer has signed off on your application.

The cards will then be posted out to you and you will then need to contact Prosperity with the amount you wish to commence to salary package per pay period to your card.

Not-for-profit employers and salary packaging

Please see the below important information from the ATO’s website regarding claiming meal entertainment during COVID-19. This is great news as it means you can claim any food delivery/takeaway from a restaurant you would normally eat in at.

Question: I am a not-for-profit employer and I provide salary-packaged meal entertainment to my employees. Can my employees use their exempt (or rebatable) cap during the FBT year ending 31 March 2021 given restaurants and public venues are currently closed due to COVID-19?

Answer: Whether the provision of meals qualifies as salary-packaged meal entertainment depends on the particular facts and circumstances of the meal and how it is provided. Given the unprecedented circumstances currently existing, for the FBT year ending 31 March 2021, we will not apply any compliance resources to scrutinising expenditure under these arrangements provided the meals are provided by a supplier that was authorised as a meal entertainment provider as at 1 March 2020.

We also confirm that for the FBT year ended 31 March 2020, we will not apply any compliance resources to scrutinising expenditure under these arrangements during the period where restaurants and public venues were closed.

This question was last updated on 17 April 2020. Click here for more information.

If you have any questions about the above give the Salary Packaging team a call on 1300 761 388.