Family Office advice leads to $150M in New Funds Under Management

Prosperity’s Family Office has added another $150M to their fast growing pool of funds under management with the addition of a further three high net wealth investor families.

The clients will be tapping into a range of the specialist Family Office services provided by the firm.

“It is a continued affirmation that the Family Office offering is providing the valuable and investment and advisory services that ultra high net wealth families are seeking in this still quite challenging investment climate,” said John Manuel, a Director of Family Office Services, for Prosperity Advisers.

Prosperity has deepened the resourcing of its Family Office Services over the last 12 months to support the needs of their steadily growing, ultra high net wealth clientele. We found that clients in this category were receiving a constant stream of investment proposals from an array of sources. A trusted adviser to sift through these opportunities and shortlist those that best match their investment profile is invaluable.

In a recent example of the benefits for Family Office assistance we were able to negotiate an improvement in term deposit rates of 30 basis points, over the client’s best efforts, increasing the returns on the client’s cash portfolio significantly.

“We have found our very wealthy clients needed more than just classic financial planning or wealth management. We found they needed a very deliberate, consultative approach to both their active and passive investments, guiding, overseeing, reporting, managing transactions, and vetting investment opportunities on their behalf as well as optimising the tax outcomes. In the last year we have deepened our resourcing of Family Office services to respond to this need,” said Allan McKeown, CEO of Prosperity Advisers.

The cornerstone of the Prosperity Family Office includes:

  1. Investment: Properly structured, carefully protected and diligently managed investment portfolios that assemble the right asset mix for the family or individual’s profile, and manages transactions on their behalf.
  2. Guidance: Ensuring responsibility, accountability and risk management are all taken seriously by reviewing the investment opportunities clamouring for attention as acting as an independent panel of advice for the family.
  3. People: Active mentoring of family members, making sure family dynamics don’t get in the way of smart wealth management.
  4. Education: Taking less experienced family members on a journey that educates them about wealth, investment and risk, supporting them on their way to independence.

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