Enhancing Your Business’s Cyber Security Measures with a Prosperity Website Diagnostic and Internal Audit

The Cyber Landscape Continues to Evolve with Increasing Attacks Occurring

In today’s digital landscape, cybersecurity should be a priority for every business regardless of size, type, or industry. The surge in cybercrime over recent years demands a proactive approach to safeguarding sensitive data. The prevalence of cloud infrastructure and applications, coupled with digital transformation and cloud migration, has expanded the number of attack vectors for cybercriminals. As a result, a comprehensive data security strategy is essential, covering on-premises data, cloud infrastructure, and SaaS applications.

There is an urgent need to promote cybersecurity awareness across every business and enhance security measures. Investing in cybersecurity awareness training and implementing comprehensive security infrastructure measures are critical to thwarting various cyber threats, such as phishing, social engineering, ransomware, and malware attacks targeting employees.

Given that human error remains a leading cause of cyber-attacks, developing a culture of cybersecurity within the organisation is crucial. 

Develop an Effective Security Strategy

Integrate cybersecurity into the organisational culture to underscore its significance and the ramifications of data breaches. Educate employees on best practices, such as creating strong passwords/passphrases and scepticism over unsolicited emails/links to mitigate human error, the leading cause of cyber-attacks.

Periodically Assess Your Defences

Conduct regular risk assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities and implement appropriate measures to mitigate them. Prosperity’s website diagnostic is a cost-effective way to conduct assessments over a business website and domain – the externally facing elements of your IT environment. This diagnostic can also be used on a business’s suppliers to aid in risk assessments within your supply chain. 

Internal audits over cyber security and internal vulnerability assessments can also highlight weaknesses that can be rectified before being exploited by cybercriminals. The benefits of conducting cyber security audits:

  • Identify your organisation’s current cyber security posture.
  • Gain rapid insight into your organisation’s risk of a data breach or cyber incident.
  • Identify risks and the impacted assets (including actual and expected results) to fast-track remediation.
  • Increase your cyber security posture and resilience.
  • Provide the CFO, CIO, CEO and the Board with regular updates on progress.
  • Benchmark against best practice and cyber security maturity within your industry.

Implement Security Awareness Training

Equip staff at all levels with the skills to effectively identify and respond to cybersecurity threats. Engage employees with informative training sessions to foster a culture of enhanced security compliance, ultimately reducing the risk of data breaches.

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