Warning about spam email attempts

Some of our clients have received fake emails claiming to come from Prosperity Advisers. Scammers have created emails that are very similar to ones that we send out advising you of your ATO or State Government payments.

Here are some signs that an email is fake:

  • The email address is misspelt. We have sole access to our email domain, so scammers cannot replicate it perfectly. Check the email address. Our email domain is @prosperity.com.au. We do not send you tax payment  requests from any other domain.
  • You have received a follow up email to an initial email with a “correction” to payment instructions. 
  • The payment details are in the body of the email. We rarely include payment instructions in the body of an email, we usually include them as an attachment.

If you receive an email which you believe may be a scam, please contact your trusted Prosperity adviser so they can confirm the legitimacy of the email.

ATO activity statement issue

As part of the ATO’s paperless rollout the ATO reset all client communication preferences to digital. This means that some clients received electronic quarterly PAYG instalments and activity statements instead of paper notices. Many did not receive an email or myGov notification. As your agent we did not receive paper copies and have no visibility as to which clients have been contacted directly by the ATO.

As a result of this ATO error some clients missed lodgement deadlines and may have incurred interest or penalty charges. If interest or penalties were charged, we are working with the ATO to remit these.

We want to assure you that we are in regular contact with the ATO to reinstate previous paper preferences but this process is taking some time. Meanwhile we have voiced our frustrations and concerns to the ATO. We have been told that the issue should be rectified for the April-June 2021 quarter PAYG instalments and activity statements.

If you have not received a PAYG instalment or activity statement for the March 2021 quarter or are unsure, please contact your trusted Prosperity Adviser.