QLD Poker Machine Tender #46 (Pubs) - TENDER RESULTS
Poker Machine Tender #46 (Pubs) TENDER RESULTS

By Steve Gagel, Director of Business Services and Taxation

The Qld Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation has released the result of Tender #46 (mid week):
  • $178,603 South East (Down from $181,000 in tender 43 or 1.32%)
  • $105,002 Coastal (Up from $101,250 in tender 45 or 3.7%)
  • NO MARKET Western ($17,061 last value in tender 45)

Value in the South East surprised with a reduction, rather than a large increase that I was expecting. With no authorities available for 12 months and plenty of greenfield sites requiring machines, I was shocked at a reduction in value in this region. All authorities cleared in the region.

Coastal region was expected with the price staying historically high and shocked on the upside with increased supply of 30 authorities all clearing the market. 

Club authorities 

Industry still awaits a response from the Labor Government on the buyback scheme within the proposed ‘sustainability package’ that has been argued by Clubs Queensland for the past two years. Very disappointed that there has been little to no response from both Labor and the LNP.

Wishing you all the best for the festive season. Hoping that your taps are flowing and your tills are full.

Historical data on prior tenders can be found here.

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