We have a winner!

Nicole was our very excited EOFY competition winner, and it was a pleasure to present her with the $5,000 prize cheque. Nicole was one of our many novated lease customers in June who entered the EOFY competition, requiring entrants to tell us in 25 words or less about the best road trip they have ever taken in their car. 

“This is my third novated lease with Prosperity and it’s been great since day one. I am really enjoying my new X-Trail and I will be putting this nice surprise towards a family holiday in the near future.”

If you’re planning on purchasing a new car but don’t have a lot of time or the means to do all the legwork on your own, engaging a car buying service can be an excellent option. A car buying expert can save you a lot of time and hassle and will help you secure the best possible deal.


What exactly is a car buying service?

A car buying service is a third party engaged by you, the buyer, to assist you with buying a new car. Essentially, it is a car buyer’s job to make your job easier when it comes to buying a new or used car.

When purchasing a new car, a significant deal of research is recommended to ensure you’re getting the best price on the car. A car buyer will complete all this legwork for you, including researching and negotiating a price across their database of dealerships. Using their networks, they’ll be able to do this for you much faster, and often more effectively, than you’d be able to on your own.

A car buying expert can save you a lot of time and hassle and will help you secure the best possible deal.

Car buying is an end-to-end service which includes finding the car to completing the transaction; test drives will be arranged on your behalf if desired, as well as negotiating the best trade-in value on your existing car and arranging competitive finance and insurance if required.

Ultimately, the benefit of engaging a car buying service is the minimalisation of hassle and the maximisation of savings. You are placed on equal footing with professional car sellers by employing a professional car buyer who can negotiate you the best deal.


Novated Leasing – a smarter way to buy a car

Car packaging – or novated leasing, as it is more commonly known – is one of the smartest and most cost-effective ways to buy the car you really want. By using your pre-tax and post-tax income to pay for your lease payments and vehicle running costs, you not only reduce the tax you pay but you are not hit with any unexpected costs over the course of your lease.

A novated lease is essentially a three-way agreement between you, your employer and a finance company that bundles together all the costs of your vehicle and allows you to pay for them using pre-tax dollars. The main perk for employees is financial – because your lease payments can be deducted from your pre-tax income, you pay less tax over the course of the year. You’ll also have full control over which car you choose, and if you decide to leave your job further down the track, you’ll be able to take your car with you.

A novated lease vehicle is yours to use 100% of the time, and lease repayments are fixed for the term of the lease.


If you would like to discuss your next car purchase, please contact our car buying specialist, Darren Lewis. If you are interested in learning more about a novated lease, please call our novated leasing specialist, Richard Worgan.

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