Qld Poker Machine Tender #44 (Pubs) - TENDER RESULTS
Qld Poker Machine Tender #44 (Pubs) - TENDER RESULTS

By Steve Gagel, Director of Business Services and Taxation

Ladies and Gents

The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation has released the result of Tender #44 (late afternoon of 20 April 2020):

  • $ Nil South Eastern ($181,000 in tender 43) – NO AUTHORITIES FOR SALE
  • $ Nil Coastal ($57,489 in tender 41) – NO AUTHORITIES FOR SALE
  • $ 16,500 Western (down from $20,000 or 17.5%)

Western Region was the only region with a supply of authorities (22 from oversupply from tender #43). The expected price rise due to improving farming business conditions in the Western Region did not eventuate and only 8 of the total 22 authorities sold at near record low prices (lowest price of $13,054 in Tender #2 in November 2004). Note the tender closed a week and a half after the hospitality industry was shut down across the nation.

Club authorities

The Covid-19 response by the Qld Government has dramatically changed the political landscape to the proposed ‘sustainability package’ that has been argued by both Clubs Queensland and the RSL for the past two years, including the poker machine buy back scheme from the Club pool. Clubs Queensland has been asked to prepare a club ‘rescue package’ and present this to the Queensland Government. Clubs Queensland continues to work closely with both Labor and the LNP for the club sector.

Interesting that the Qld Club and Hotel sectors (Majority Qld owned) who directly employ over 100,000 Queenslanders, have had to bang on the door long and hard to achieve not much from the current Government and Virgin Airlines (9% Australian owned) was offered $200M to save 5,500 jobs. Will be interesting to see how this plays out in the upcoming Queensland State Election on 31 October 2020 when struggling Clubs and Pubs are emerging from the shutdown.

To assist with this process, all clubs have been requested to support Clubs Qld and Clubs Australia by completing the following survey:


One would also assume that the second Gold Coast Casino and plans for the revamped Cairns Casino would also be mothballed in the current economic circumstances. Still awaiting the Qld Government to make a long overdue announcement on these – originally expected in October 2019.

Historical data on prior tenders can be found here

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