QLD Poker Machine Tender #40 (Hotel) Tender Results

QLD Poker Machine Tender #40 (Hotel) Tender Results Released

Pub Authorities – Tender #40

The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation has this morning released the result of Tender #40:

• $187,954 South East (up from $172,490 or 8.97%)
• $48,400 Coastal (down from $50,903 or 4.92%)
• $36,737 Western (up from $35,001 or 4.95%%)

The price rise in the South East moved towards the $190k mark as previously suggested with all authorities clearing the pool. Softening value in the Coastal region, as expected, moving toward the $45k mark with 11 authorities not clearing. Demand in the Western region caught me a little by surprise with only 2 authorities not clearing in the pool and the price rising slightly (was expecting a drop in value), possibly on the back of strong ADTM growth generally in the Western region.

Club Authorities – Tender #12

Still no news on this tender that closed 3 October (closed 6 weeks prior to the Pub Tender). With low clearance rates and values on the last tender in September 2017, one might assume that no market was created. These remaining 103 club authorities may be flagged for the second Casino on the Gold Coast, with the Palaszczuk Government still tight lipped on where the 2,000 authorities will come from.

Still no concrete news on the second Gold Coast Casino with opposition by the locals reaching 68.1% general disapproval of the new casino and 74.7% opposition to it being built on Carey Park; free land handed to the casino that is currently public space across from the children’s play area. Click here for more info.

The Star has also been in the press arguing breach of agreement they have with the government with the introduction of a new player on the Gold Coast stating that there is no business case for two Casino’s on the Gold Coast. Whilst this would be expected from the only player in the market, support is given by Clubs Queensland. Click here for more info.

For more information on Gaming Information Operating Authorities, click here.

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