Get a better interest rate
As people’s lives continue to get busier and they attempt to juggle their time between work and family life, increasingly it is harder to be able to find the time to properly research many of life’s important decisions. Home finances are one such decision! 

Could you be getting a better interest rate on your mortgage and freeing up money to spend on other things? 

With the current uncertainty in global financial markets and question marks about where interest rates are heading, there is no better time to have a lending specialist conduct a review of your loan(s), to ensure that you are not paying more than you need to. 

Prosperity offers a lending service where clients have access to industry experts whose roles are to source the best funding options available in the market, all at no cost to you, the client.
A recent example of where we saved money for a client is outlined below:
Loan amount  $500,000 
Previous interest rate 3.67%
New interest rate 1.89%
Savings per annum $8,900 

With the amount saved on your loan, think about what you could be spending that extra cash on!

Contact our lending specialist, Matthew Guy on 1800 855 844 or to see what you could be saving.