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What is Prosperity Smart Drive?

Prosperity Smart Drive is an innovative comprehensive vehicle procurement leasing and management service.
A novated lease is an arrangement between you, your employer and a finance company, allowing you to salary package the lease payments and running costs of a car of your choice, for 100% private use.
The lease payments for the vehicle and running costs are paid from your pre-tax pay, therefore you will benefit from paying less tax. This type of lease is a tax effective alternative to buying a car outright.

About Prosperity Smart Drive

If you are looking to get a new car and want to take advantage of the great benefits of a novated lease, Prosperity Smart Drive is the smart way to do it! With lease payments and running costs taken directly from your pre-tax salary, a novated lease provides great tax savings and other benefits.
Prosperity Smart Drive features:
Our Prosperity Smart Drive team handle all aspects of your lease, from sourcing the vehicle, arranging finance, through to managing the ongoing running costs. Our services include:
  • Procurement of new or used vehicles at the best prices available discounts on vehicle and operating costs
  • Sourcing of competitive finance
  • Access to a full suite of insurances and vehicle protection products
  • Administration of fleet card for all fuel and servicing costs
  • Roadside Assistance program
  • Ongoing monitoring and reporting of costs via secure web portal 
Fuel card:
The Prosperity fuel card is linked to the Caltex Network, which is accepted at more fuel outlets than any other fuel card in Australia. To find a list of Caltex services near you click here.
Discount repairers:
You will be able to use the card to pay for vehicle maintenance and servicing, in addition to fuel and oil. You will have access to discounted prices at repairers including Beaurepaires, O’Brien Glass, Marshall Batteries and a number of independent repairers.
Prosperity Smart Drive will look after everything, from sourcing the best price for your vehicle of choice, through to the management of the ongoing running costs.

The benefits of car packaging

Prosperity Smart Drive is an innovative vehicle management service looking after everything, from sourcing the best price for your choice of vehicle, through to the management of ongoing running costs.
The lease payments for the vehicle and running costs are paid from your pre-tax pay, therefore you will benefit from paying less tax.
Save money:
  • You won’t pay GST on the purchase of your car or on its operating expenses
  • A novated lease reduces your income tax through salary packaging your lease payments and running costs
  • You will receive significant discounts on new and used cars. We offer you competitive interest rates.
Save time:
  • A dedicated Prosperity Smart Drive consultant will manage the whole process for you, ensuring we do all the running around, not you!
  • Our vehicle purchasing team will scour the market for the best price, meaning you don’t even need to set foot in a car dealership if you don’t want to.
Complete control: 
  • Budgeting for all of your running costs is simple, with all costs managed directly through regular payroll deductions
  • You control the car, including care and maintenance
  • You use a fleet card for fuel and servicing
The choice is yours:
  • The choice of vehicle is all yours
  • You choose the vehicle and the lease period that best suits your needs

Fully flexible:

  • Leases can be transferrable between your employers
  • Flexible contract terms are available, ranging from one to five years

How does it work?

Vehicle sourcing:
The Prosperity Smart Drive team can assist you find your new car. This arrangement will offer you the following benefits:
  • Independent advice across the range of makes and models of new and used vehicles in Australia. This advice is not limited to price, but also to extras, running costs and resale estimates.
  • Buying power and motor vehicle networks to access excellent discounts, including fleet, dealer and manufacturer discounts where available*
  • No need to leave your home or office to organise your vehicle. Prosperity will do all the work for you, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
  • Trade in disposal is a breeze, with our team putting your vehicle to tender within our motor vehicle network
  • We will manage all dealer contacts, including quoting, all paperwork, arranging test drives, and vehicle delivery 
*Manufacturers availability and discounts available will vary and can only be confirmed at time of full quotation.
Managing your running costs:
Prosperity Smart Drive will forecast and monitor all budgeted operating expenses for your vehicle including:
  • Lease payments
  • Registration
  • Fuel
  • Servicing
  • Tyres
  • Insurance
  • Roadside assist 
Regular payroll deductions will be taken from your pay for future reimbursement of these expenses.
Keeping track of your lease:
You are able to get an instant snapshot of your current expenditure, annual plan and kms travelled, through our online client centre.
All Caltex fleet card purchases and odometer readings are updated monthly, and all other expenses are updated daily for your convenience.
Insuring your investment:
Prosperity is an authorised representative of both Swann and IAG. Our relationship with these organisations allows us to provide the full range of insurance products at competitive prices including:
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Compulsory third party insurance
  • GAP
  • Extended warranty
  • Tyre and rim
  • Walk away insurance

Getting started

How to arrange a lease:
The process of purchasing your next vehicle is as easy as following these steps:
  1. Contact the Prosperity Smart Drive team on 1300 761 388, or email with your enquiry and a Smart Drive consultant will assist you
  2. We will send you an application form and an information guide
  3. We will contact you and discuss your vehicle options
  4. Once you have chosen a vehicle, your consultant will discuss your options and help you complete and submit your application form
  5. You will be sent your full Prosperity Smart Drive plan and an appointment will be made to discuss options and costs
  6. You then simply send your signed plan directly to your consultant
  7. Your consultant will then arrange all the paperwork and manage delivery of your new car!


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