The rewards of successful growth can be exponential; twice the cash, triple the profitability, 10 times the shareholder value created. More time to drive the business. Prosperity’s GrowthStar program helps you to kick start your growth plans and reap those rewards.

Growth is part of the Prosperity DNA. Many of our people have successfully run growth businesses. We live in the world of growing other people’s businesses. We have a bank vault of experience and an early adopter’s perspective on the moves required to grow business in a complex and changing world.

GrowthStar is a whole-of-business program that unites Prosperity’s growth business knowledge base with market leading processes and technology to put you in control of driving results. Through our executive board and workshop programs, Prosperity becomes a virtual task force - your ‘right hand’ team - in turning strategies into outcomes. Our focus is on fuelling the growth engine of your business.

Our GrowthStar workshops catalyse the best strategies, break them into appropriate tactics, focus capabilities and drive a powerful framework for action.

Our program is focused around four key drivers. 


People are the centerpiece of achievement. Without the right people doing the right things right, your business becomes locked up. We focus on aligning your people to your critical functions producing a ‘1+1=3’ effect. Better focus produces greater impact.


Growth businesses often suffer ‘Go! Ready, Set’. In the urgency of events people race to create processes without validating alignment with the true priorities of the business. The busy work creates a distracting ‘noise’. We focus on identifying the key processes of the business, aligning employees and removing processes that exist for their own sake.


Better strategic thinking can produce ‘generational’ leaps in your business’ growth cycle. We help you make the time and space for better thinking, accessing our growth business knowledge base that can crack some of the toughest business problems you face.


Cash is the oxygen of any business. Too many growing businesses face moments of truth with cash flow that limit continued growth. We focus on optimising the working cash assets in the business, assisting to make the best case for the most low cost external bank finance and ensuring an adequate return on equity is achieved. We examine your cash cycles to look for ‘acceleration’ opportunities.

Where to start

It all begins with an initial, obligation free meeting with a focus on assessing options for growth. This is an opportunity to share your vision for the business without restraint and also share the things that are keeping you awake at night. Our clients often describe this as the ‘great unloading’. A problem shared is a problem halved.