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Now is the time for organisations and agencies to ensure they have an effective approach for Ethics & Whistleblower activity with new legislation expected. 

Encouraging employees to report wrongdoing (‘blow the Whistle’), and providing support when they do, is very important for creating a culture of ethical behaviour and ultimately for detecting fraud and corruption inside an organisation.

How we can help

Prosperity’s Ethics Matters service can bring an Ethics and Whistleblower Program all together. We’ll help you to:

  1. Review your existing program for independence and effectiveness
  2. Develop appropriate policies and procedures, ensuring compliance with legislative frameworks and benchmarks
  3. Engage stakeholders and employees
  4. Deploy an effective hotline and case management system, including rollout and communications, ongoing training and awareness 
  5. Help you with investigation and reporting approaches, including undertaking independent investigations

Our senior team has an intimate knowledge and understanding of current legislation and regulations around Whistleblower and anti-corruption agency programs.

Drawing on our first-hand experience we can also assist government agencies with preparing for anti-corruption agency audits (i.e. CCC, ICAC)

Our Partner

Prosperity’s partner is leading global Whistleblower and ethics provider WhistleBlower Security who provide a truly independent hotline and case management system at the forefront of technology. 

The group is Canadian based with a global reach and more than 12 years’ experience. They have global clients including many household names as well as smaller listed and private companies and not-for-profit groups.

Security of data

With data housed in Canada, WhistleBlower Security’s data security and robust privacy compliance prevents unauthorised access to confidential information and complies with Australia’s Privacy Act 1998 and Australian Privacy Principles. The group has rigorous security provisions in place including encryption, back-up provision and malware/anti-virus protections. The system and applications are available 24/7 via the cloud, providing clients with limitless scalability, reliability and business agility. Importantly, our partner has achieved compliance certification to more than six international codes.

About the system

Once a report is logged, the system facilitates anonymous and confidential dialogue between the reporter and an organisation’s representative, whether the report is initiated through the call centre, fax, email or web. Each report is assigned a unique number and password, facilitating anonymous and confidential dialogue during investigations.

Investigations & reporting

Included is the IntegrityCounts™ proprietary Case Management System – an easy to use and customisable web-based confidential ethics reporting system. IntegrityCounts™ enables you to add your own internal cases, manage investigations, analyse data and produce reports for Board and Audit Committee. 

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Why a Whistleblower Program is a good idea


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